I'm a digital generalist; a balance of technical & functional with strong design skills. Technical creative or creative technical? I'm never quite sure, but I thrive solving interesting problems with digital strategy, product design and traditional/interactive media.


My base skills are complemented by strong communication and leadership skills, with a demonstrated ability to act as an interface and bridge between different verticals. I appreciate the interplay and strengths of each medium (emerging & established), enabling me to create user-centered solutions to problems at the intersection of tech, design and business.


I'm proficient in the end-to-end product lifecycle. Ideation, UX research, wireframing. Solid visual design (Sketch, Photoshop) and interactive design skills (After Effects, Axure RP). Ability to code front-end aspects of my design in HTML5/CSS3/JS. My Bachelor's in Computer Science gives me a solid foundation in back-end technologies and technical frameworks.


I bring a decade worth of hands-on experience* in 3D animation and visual effects (combining CGI seamlessly with live action footage), which is becoming increasingly relevant not only to create video experiences, but also in the creation of augmented & virtual reality experiences.
*Pursued CGI since age 11, certified in Autodesk Maya at 13 and minored in 3D Animation at USC.

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