I'm a digital generalist- a balance of technical & functional with strong design skills. I thrive solving challenging problems at the intersection of emerging tech, design, art and business.

digital strategy

My base skills are complemented by strong communication and leadership skills, with a demonstrated ability to act as an interface and bridge between different verticals. I appreciate the interplay and strengths of each medium (emerging & established), enabling me to create user-centered solutions to problems at the intersection of tech, design and business.


I'm proficient in the end-to-end product lifecycle. Ideation, UX research, wireframing. Solid visual design (Sketch, Photoshop) and interactive design skills (After Effects, Axure RP). Ability to code front-end aspects of my design in HTML5/CSS3/JS. My Bachelor's in Computer Science gives me a solid foundation in back-end technologies and technical frameworks.

VR, AR, 3D & VFX

The CGI bug bit me early. I bring a decade worth of hands-on experience in 3D animation and visual effects pipelines, specializing in combining CGI seamlessly with live-action footage. For the past 4 years, I've applied that expertise in the creation of passive and interactive augmented & virtual reality experiences - both live-action capture and real-time content.

In my free time, I enjoy creating content on digital platforms like YouTube VR, TikTok and Instagram. I leverage my background in 3D/VFX, VR/AR and CS/UX to produce creative that is native to each platform. It keeps me up-to-date with the latest and greatest in formats, toolchains and distribution channels. But most importantly, making content for the platforms of tomorrow with the tools of today helps me understand my users better in order to fulfill one of my core missions - content creation superpowers for everyone.


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Top Writer in Virtual Reality


Interests & Hobbies

Learning new things

Over the years, I've built a love for (and some cases working knowledge) in modern physics, 3D printing, music scoring, cosmology, nutrition science, human factors, teaching, OCM, science fiction, public speaking, world cultures, religions, philosophy, personality typology, acting, rapping, neuroscience, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Philosophy, politics or particle dynamics - I've been lucky to be able to throw my net interests far and wide (thanks Mom, Dad and Interwebz). 

Meditating every day

Whether it's for 20 minutes or 3 hours. No other practice has impacted my life as deeply as meditation. If the world is in constant flux, then meditation keeps you constant. I meditate in a group setting on weekends and use Insight Timer to get some headspace in during the week. If you're looking to start, I highly suggest getting Headspace's 10 day trial - it helped me kick start this habit almost 4 years ago. Just do it! Push through the start. You'll be surprised how blissful it becomes once the monkey mind learns to sit still.

Playing electric guitar

I like all kinds of music, but I really love electric guitars, especially the 7 and 8 string variety. My collection consists of an Ibanez RDG7UC (extended scale with BKP pickups), a rare Ibanez RG2027x (7 string with floating tremolo + piezo out and a Music Man JP6 BFR (because John Petrucci). On the rig side, I'm running a Zoom G9.2tt through a 50W Atomic tube power amp but off late I've been digging Guitar Rig and BIAS FX through a DAW a lot more.

Travel Experience

  • Grew up across the north Indian state of Punjab

  • Attended boarding school in Portland, OR

  • Spent 2 years in Manchester, UK

  • 2 years consulting fortune 500 clients across the US


  • English - Native Fluency

  • Punjabi - Native Fluency

  • Hindi - Native Fluency

  • Urdu - Conversational