For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about VFX and 3D. As a 13 year old, I would make popular explosion-lightsaber videos and was ranked top 20 on the FXHome forums under the pseudonym Billy3D (Yeah!). At USC my passion for VFX dovetailed into HCI and Interaction Design, coming full circle into VR and AR while working at Deloitte post-graduation.

A year ago, I started Imaginfinity, an Indie VR studio. Since then, my work has accumulated over 1 million views in total, averaging 176K views per video. In addition to reaching wide audiences on YouTube and Facebook, they’ve been featured on SamsungVR, Autodesk, Vrideo and

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I've put together my current and previous work, accessible via the links below.

youtube playlist

Aggregated playlist of video projects spanning current and previous work.


Current work

Projects completed under the banner of Imaginfinity, my VR & MR studio.

previous work

Projects completed at DC Innovation, Deloitte Digital and USC.