As a result, I have helped build sales tools and firm eminence in the areas of exponential and emerging technologies.

In FY15, I have had the privilege of creating sales tools actively being used by Deloitte to articulate the vision for our emerging tech products and services by painting narratives around the "art of the possible." I was tasked with planning, shooting, editing, post-producing and narrating the end-to-end LENS concept video for our wearables offering and the DCipher video for DCI’s veterans hiring platform.

My work for the LENS video was recently featured as a "Deloitte Concept" alongside APX Labs CEO, Brian Ballard in an Associated Press (AP) story on Augmented Reality. This required steering the video through Deloitte's Risk & Brand approval process.

“Bill’s effort was exemplary and the video produced is our primary sales tool to introduce clients to wearable technology… We will continue to work with Bill as the need arises to further demonstrate wearable capability. I would recommend Bill to anyone looking to create a visual masterpiece to convey a message.”
— Joe Fitzgerald, Senior Manager, DCI
“Bill took great initiative to work on and complete the Lens video. He worked with multiple stakeholders (engineering, business and design) to develop a high quality end product that has helped us convey our product’s core functionality across multiple forums. Bill also put in many extra hours and went above and beyond expectations in delivering this product.”
— Sagar Pilania, Manager, DCI

I'm currently helping create Deloitte’s first Oculus Rift Virtual Reality experience. It will serve to showcase Deloitte University to C-suite and VP level visitors, while simultaneously projecting Deloitte’s prowess in emerging and exponential technologies.