Mutewatch wrists-on: vibration based reminders

Add syncing ability with google calender and you have an instant winner. With vibrations you really have the ability to assign more detailed reminders. I especially like the sleek minimalist design that doesn't scream "look i'm a digital gadget! stare at me in amazement!"

Back in the day, Casio came out with one of the first mp3 watches and camera watches. For far too long the electronic giants of the world have been ignoring the potential of the wrist watch formfactor. It perfectly supplements the handheld portable nature of a cellphone. Additionally, the hands on form factor allows the device to give silent reminders through vibration alerts.

Synced with your phone/mp3 player, you could also utilize such a watch to keep your workouts on track by letting your phone send you designated reminders for different portions of your routine. I will definately be picking one of these babies up in the future.