Combining Art-forms: Gloving VFX Light Show

Test Film #1: Introducing the first ever VFX Light Show

Please step up the resolution to 720P so as to enjoy it as intended by the creator :)

Youtube (720p): 

Vimeo (720p):

This is the first project I've been able to make time for in quite a while. It's been great getting back into video. Working on small projects has given me the opportunity to relearn these amazing tools I used so long ago. Needless to say, the hardware and software is incredibly powerful now and I can't wait to see how far I can push the envelope. Merely editing 1080P HD footage seemed like a daunting task for most machines in 2005, let alone rendering 3D sequences in HD resolution. But now, my 27inch iMac can take on almost any challenge I throw at it. Cheers!