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For the last 8 months, I've been hard at work diving deep into VR content creation for clients and originals under the Imaginfinity banner - everything from stereo 360 videos to photogrammetric capture and mixed reality experiences. We've made a slew of experiences you can check out today and immerse yourself in the beauty of Yosemite in California or the awe inspiring energy at the India-Pakistan border ceremony in Amritsar. Perhaps you want to chuckle a bit and see what it's like when a Snapchat filter comes to life on Halloween and overruns the city. There's something for everyone and we hope that you'll check out our 360 platform links below. 

Education and democratization of VR content creation has been my second major focus. It's tempting to create this veil of mystery around VR, as many are now with the goal of capitalizing on the lack of awareness for near-term monetary benefit. I firmly believe spatial media such as VR, AR and MR will only reach its true potential when content creation is in the hands of the many versus a select few, as it is today. I've been speaking at Meetups and Workshops, as well as creating web content with the goal of making VR content creation accessible and transparent. Check out How-To-Make-360 Playlist on YouTube to get started! 

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