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Moving my Blog to

In an effort to get my writing in front of a broader audience, I've moved my blog over to Medium, everyone's favorite micro-blogging website. 

Check out my thoughts & musings on VR, AR and everything in between:

You can also find select writings on Virtual Pop, Medium's largest VR publication:

Edit: Recently got rated as a "Top Writer in Virtual Reality" by Medium. Awesome :) Definitely motivates me to keep putting pen to paper... figuratively speaking of course! 


It was a blast chatting with Micah and Adam about all things VR and AR. Also my first podcast appearance. Micah Blumberg is a VR and neuroscience enthusiast who runs some of the largest VR-centric communities on Facebook and co-organizes the Women in AR/VR meetup. He's current working on VRMAAdam Alzoni is quite the renaissance man - a writer, biotechnologist, documentary maker, podcaster, futurist, inventor, programmer, author and currently works at the Millennium Project.

In the 40th episode of Adam Alonzi’s podcast Micah Blumberg, Bilawal Sidhu, and Adam discuss augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, Micah’s advocacy for women in VR, sensors, the present, and the future. We also dissect the technology’s implications for entertainment, social media, empathy, food quality control, education, and society. We also give a tips to those who are looking to get in on the ground floor of this burgeoning behemoth of an industry, which is searching for bright and talented people to swallow whole.