P.E. Excerpts:

“He quickly became the go-to person in this area even in relative comparison to individuals beyond his current level... I appreciate Bill’s quality work, commitment, and his presence on the project. He has clearly been operating at a consultant level during his time on the project.”
— Hank Chin, Senior Manager, Tech (State of OR)
“Bil truly goes above and beyond in thinking of ways to improve the solution and please all levels of stakeholders. He will continue to do really well at Deloitte with this combination of skills and attitude.”
— Laura Beres, Manager, S&O (DecisionPrint)
“For an analyst he demonstrated strong command of the content and visual/user design experience. I was also impressed with his professional maturity... I can see him having a larger presence as a go-to resource on future projects and impacting the program across different areas.”
— Rob Kasegrande, Director, S&O (T-Mobile)