Product Design and Solution Development for Analytics-Driven Decision Making Platform

Industry: C&IP Service Area: Technology, S&O
Service Line: Deloitte Digital
ROLE: Product Designer; 5 months.

Product Description: a purposeful, customizable modeling tool that enables optimized decision-making. Customized for sectors and industries, DP helps organizations unlock and drive value by ensuring critical decisions are made at the right time, by the right person, equipped with the right analytics.

• Worked closely with S&O team to flesh out initial concept and articulate product vision through a clickable prototype, facilitating Gate 2 funding
• Conduct user research, create target personas, build scope catalog and outline front-end technical requirements
• Create visual designs, supporting assets and design specs for version 1 and work closely with font-end development team to ensure quality end product.

Technical Environment: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch 3, Axure RP, inVision, PowerPoint, Excel, Word