After Effects

Interactive Media Wall - IoT Updates

Revamp of Client interactive media wall to enable ibeacon authentication, live-stream of a drone feed in 720p, playback of 360 degree videos in 4K, an interactive 3D map of our campus and the ability to serve client specific content during a tour. Augmented Reality Chief Experience built on APX Labs Skylight, allowing clients to obtain a first-person perspective tour of our gourmet meals from kitchen to plate.

Role: Design Lead, Vendor Management, 3D Modeling

  • Served as overall Design Lead, responsible for conceptualization, 2D/3D design, development and scope management of a variety of experiences involving nascent/alpha technologies.
  • Closely coordinated Unity C# developer, level designer, as well as liaising with Client Brand and external vendors to ensure optimal output in a challenging timeframe.
  • Planned, coordinated and executed complex 360 degree stereoscopic video shoot of the Client campus involving outdoor aerial drone capture as well as live indoor events with 360 vendor. 
  • Created and executed post-production workflow for manipulating equirectangular 360 degree video using existing 3D/VFX tools. Enabled us to use 360 videos to showcase Augmented Reality use-cases by adding dynamic overlays in the user’s field of view.
  • Optimized Revit 3D model of Client campus from 300K+ to 70K+ vertices using Maya.
  • Deloitte leadership appreciated the accomplishments of these goals. Given "Outstanding Performance Award" for commitment and quality output.

Tour guide uses smartphone and iBeacon-powered proximity check-in to activate the presenter view on the media wall for the client.

Once the drone has been positioned for take off, the presenter can start or stop the feed with a single tap. They can also quickly choose the client who is being toured in order to pull up customized content.

Technical Environment: Oculus Rift DK2, Leap Motion, Autodesk Maya, 3dsmax, Unity3D, C#, JavaScript, After Effects, Premiere Photoshop, Sketch 3, Slack, Microsoft TFS

Additional information available upon request from client.

Video Production & Post-Production for Indie Rapper Music Video

Objective: Our USC homie and indie hip-hop artist, Naod Ephraim approached us to realize this abstract music video concept for him with a very bare-bones budget for his new single. He brought a very specific story in mind to go with the lyrics as well as the look he wanted for the visuals.
Adobe Creative Suite's dynamic link functionality, despite some instability allowed us work remotely to deliver this video in record time.