Concept Video for Enterprise AR Smartglass Solution targeting Field Services

Industry: TMT Service Area: DC Innovation
Service Line: DCI-Emerging Technologies/Deloitte Digital
Role: Video Producer/Visual Effects Artist

Multi-device, smartglass solution that provides field service workers hands-free access to contextual, real-time information. Built on Android and the APX Labs Skylight platform.

Role: Concept Video Design, Production, Post-production (and a little acting) 
• Led planning and execution of product demo presented at Global Analyst Summit ’14.
• Responsible for planning, shooting, editing, post-production and narration of ‘A Day in the Life’ and product video for the AR platform
• Executed complex 3D motion tracking of head-mounted POV footage to create an immersive Augmented Reality experience demonstrating the capabilities of AR platform
• Collaborated with tech, studio and management functions under rapidly changing conditions to create desired output in timely manner
• Deliverables produced: demo-plan, two-column script, storyboard, visual mockups, VFX composites, final demo videos

Concept video work publically featured in Associated Press story on AR: 

Technical Environment: Autodesk Maya, Boujou, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, JIRA, Confluence

Additional information available on request from Deloitte. 

Product video for Big Data, ML Powered Hiring Platform

I was approached by our product incubation group to create a product video an analytics-driven hiring platform. 

Role: Concept Development, Visual Design, Motion Graphics, Editing, Voice Over

After getting the basic overview I quickly put together a storyboard in PowerPoint and Photoshop, cycling back and forth with the team to ensure our concept was locked down before we even started our motion graphics. 

Assets were creating in Photoshop, motion graphics completed in After Effects, edited down in Premiere and voice over recorded and mastered in Audition. Full Adobe workflow with dynamic linking taken to full advantage to deliver final product from brief to completion in under one week. 

Additional information available upon request from Deloitte.

Visual Designer and Business Analyst for Business Persona Cross-platform Applications

A subscription-based user experience and mobility platform that seamlessly connects with existing enterprise infrastructure, enabling the rapid development and deployment of persona-driven experiences to any device.

Role: UI/UX Design, Technical Architecture, Business Case Development

• Owned creation of Technical Architecture Deep Dive, outlining our solution, reasoning behind architectural decisions and a deep dive into individual components of the Platform.
• Assisted in business case development, owning competitive landscape and competitor analysis.
• Created internal and external facing branding and graphics. Planned and designed marketing/promotional material (one-pagers etc). Demonstrated ability to express complex ideas in a visually appealing and easily digestible manner.
• Lead visual designer for Procurement demo presented at SAP Sapphire. Went from wireframes to finished product in 3 weeks.
• Re-skinned and created interactive prototype for Procurement cross-platform experience in Axure, Sketch 3 & JS

Technical Environment: Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Axure RP Pro, Sketch, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, HTML5, CSS