Concept Video for Enterprise AR Smartglass Solution targeting Field Services

Industry: TMT Service Area: DC Innovation
Service Line: DCI-Emerging Technologies/Deloitte Digital
Role: Video Producer/Visual Effects Artist

Multi-device, smartglass solution that provides field service workers hands-free access to contextual, real-time information. Built on Android and the APX Labs Skylight platform.

Role: Concept Video Design, Production, Post-production (and a little acting) 
• Led planning and execution of product demo presented at Global Analyst Summit ’14.
• Responsible for planning, shooting, editing, post-production and narration of ‘A Day in the Life’ and product video for the AR platform
• Executed complex 3D motion tracking of head-mounted POV footage to create an immersive Augmented Reality experience demonstrating the capabilities of AR platform
• Collaborated with tech, studio and management functions under rapidly changing conditions to create desired output in timely manner
• Deliverables produced: demo-plan, two-column script, storyboard, visual mockups, VFX composites, final demo videos

Concept video work publically featured in Associated Press story on AR: 

Technical Environment: Autodesk Maya, Boujou, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, JIRA, Confluence

Additional information available on request from Deloitte.